By the time the Hawaiian hawk joined the endangered species list in 1967, six months after passage of the original Endangered Species Preservation Act, the species’ population was estimated at just a few hundred birds with a very limited range on a tiny portion of the island. HAWAIIAN HAWK Buteo solitarius Other: 'Io monotypic native resident, endemic, endangered ... are stable or perhaps slightly declining with habitat loss (Klavitter 2009, BLI 2016). 2007), and estimates range from 1,457 (Klavitter et al. Female hawks are slightly larger then males. Buteo solitarius breeds on Hawai`i in the Hawaiian Islands (USA), with vagrants recorded on Maui, O'ahu and Kaua'i.The population is thought to be fairly stable (J. Nelson in litt. Language Common name; Dutch: Hawaiibuizerd: English, Hawaii: ʻIo - Hawaiian … Approximately 2,700 birds in the wild. //
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