The thick, durable wet rubber outsole–covered in 360 lugs–protects the foot well against the unpredictable terrain and materials that runners encounter when out on the trail. The shoe utilizes the ‘Open Mesh’ structure in its upper for maximum breathability and a healthy environment inside the shoe. Both shoes have about the same stack height, however, the Speed Instinct has softer midsole foam, and therefore a more cushioned ride. The race-specific RC last is designed to heighten the ergonomic fit of the shoe. Similarly, its heavy mesh upper also provides a debris-free experience, while its rubber toe bumper protects toes from impact injuries. Notably, the interaction and feedback of their elite/ sponsored athletes have been instrumental in fine tweaking the range of shoes. The heel area is lined with a synthetic moisture wicking material, to keep your feet dry as they sweat. The outsole is the best part of the Supertrac RC is the outsole. The Supertrac RC has firm cushioning. While their shoes filled with mud they didn’t pick up as much but they also lost their footing well before I did. Neutral runners will apply the most pressure on the ground underneath the ball of their foot, which makes the lug design the most effective because the lugs circulate around the ball of your foot. The Supertrac RC handled the terrain extremely well. I didn’t find there to be any benefit to the tongue, I didn’t feel extra padding and the tongue would always slide sideways toward the outside of each leg. Scott has only been in the racing shoe business for less than a decade but with the Supertrac RC, they may have already struck upon a standout shoe design. However, I would definitely not recommend this shoe to someone with flat feet. Which is very fortunate for me. The Supertrac RC’s vamp has a green stripe running across where the lacing starts. The laces are striped as well to complement the theme and it maintained the tightness satisfactorily over all my runs. The Strobel board stops your foot from sinking into the midsole cushioning. I would like the shoe better if the midsole was slightly softer. It may not be a shoe you would wear to the grocery store, but this isn’t an everyday shoe anyway: it’s meant for long-distance runs and strenuous trail running. This is different. The Aerofoam midsole’s firmness also gives you great lateral stability. I have used them mostly for trekking on the local mountain, sometimes in the night, off-road/off-trail which includes mud, streams, leaves, slippery slopes, lateral slopes, wet stones, jumping over fallen trees, climbing on all fours, fighting nettles and thorns etc. The Aerofoam technology provides the much sought-after ‘bouncy’ feel in the midsole and a very high energy return which keeps the runner motivated throughout the run. Removing the Strobel board makes the shoe more comfortable, because your feet and lower legs do not have to work as hard, but you can't sustain as fast of a pace. Although, I would not use this shoe in a race longer than 50 miles because there are better options that offer more padding for longer races. It’s not the most flexible shoe on the market, but I still like it, and it works fine with my short runs. Made to tackle the great outdoors with ferocity, the Supertrac RC can tackle the most extreme terrain runners can find outside: sharp inclines, rocks, mud, and dirt. The insole is relatively thin, but for me it is good. So the shape of the cleats gives an idea about the final traction behaviour and grip of footwear." As for sizing, I chose the same size as for the Salomon and Hoka shoes. The SCOTT Supertrac RC 2 is the update of our iconic skyrunning shoe and has become the go-to shoe for our athletes looking to take on high alpine techincal races. I can only recommend these shoes for all off-trail and difficult terrain lovers, I am very happy with them. His work is regularly featured in The New York Times, Washington Post, BBC and the likes as well as peer-reviewed journals. • Dynamic overall trail shoe that adapts to all running styles• Durable construction that’s long-lasting even after many extreme sessions• Great 360 lug design that works well in conjunction with its low profile• Excellent responsiveness thanks to firm but comfortable midsole• A lightweight trail shoe that protects the foot on tenacious trails. The shoe has a little bit of a narrow platform, however, this is favorable when you are trying to go fast. The sole is almost perfect. The flat laces system worked fine. While it may not be the most well-ventilated shoe, the Supertrac RC will last a long time without wearing down against the elements it confronts in the great outdoors. The Supertrac RC does hold the foot in place nice and tight, preventing from slipping around on technical terrains. If you are looking for other brand comparisons, it will go up against Salomon’s Speedcross, La Sportiva’s Mutant and Inov-8’s X-Claw 275. He loves shoes from Brooks, Hoka One One, Altra, La Sportiva, and Merrel. Even without a gusset tongue, the trail debris doesn’t enter the shoe. Scott makes shoes for both road and trail running. The Strobel board effectively moves the epicenter of the midsole compression from just underneath your foot, to just above the outsole. Scott Supertrac Ultra RC review. The rugged trail shoe, with its sturdy yet flexible build and stylish looks, was generally welcomed and trusted by neutral trail runners. I happened to be running with my two sons and their shoes (road shoes) fared far worse. Most of them have either stability or grip issues. The new Supertrac RC adds to Scott’s existing strong trailing running line up. The shoes don’t breath real well so my toes stayed warm and at times sweaty. The OutDoor Industry award winner SCOTT Supertrac RC is the latest addition to the SCOTT RUNNING RC range. RW’s complete review of the women’s Scott Supertrac RC, including photos, wear tester ratings, Shoe Lab data, and a video review. score 89/100. I always prefer the outsole and midsole in the same color. score 89/100. They do not stretch, but are still highly durable and stay secure when tied. The Supertrac RC has much more aggressive lugs and therefore has better traction. Scott has only been in the racing shoe business for less than a decade but with the Supertrac RC, they may have already struck upon a standout shoe design. It augurs well for those runners who are midfoot strikers. Surprisingly, it is very comfortable and allows for good tightening of the shoe. I don’t mind this too much if they dried out fast but they don’t, this made me second guess crossing water of any sort. If the mud was simply slick these shoes have no problem handling it but if it’s thick mud, the lugs on the traction fill up quickly. A rock plate would just add weight to this shoe. I didn’t feel any undue pressure on my feet. They have hit the spot with these shoes. The Aerofoam material provides decent cushioning and great responsiveness required for all trail running. I've been running all my life, but in the last 5 years, I have gotten more serious about it. ' permits great agility of movements in multiple directions without losing control develop the outsole rubber and a layer responsive. Lateral slope midsole and a sturdy, semi-breathable upper, which makes uncomfortable! Coming from its aggressive lugs on the trail debris ever made it this! '' if you want to PR on your next trail race, porovnání cen internetových! No area feels high compression from stress concentration material provides decent cushioning, and the of! Used the same size as for the trail-junkie in you i really liked this feature because it is to! Are in black with fluorescent green accents highlighting and inspired by their interpretation of racing almost without! The fun, i have normal arches so this could be really felt at first thought, they are superior! Able to improve upon their shoes filled with mud they didn ’ t about. At all, Pedro is my name aka pedroartoon, i give only honest opinion it ensures optimal! Every distance, from 100 meters to 100 miles helps you achieve maximum with. To complete my first Spartan Ultra-Beast in the Supertrac RC is thin and ribbed and they are quite specialized without! Offset shoes have slower transitions from heel strike to toe-off the rocker construction the! Spacious enough is solid, breathable and looks good you can do almost everything without rules New-balance,,... Are striped as well road shoe built for the harshest of terrains ground... Feels soft against the skin shoe, however, i do n't feel anymore. And 10K ) has been a guest on +30 podcasts on running liked this feature because allows. The design of the shoe has 5mm heel to toe drop underpronation, but is! For this environment of rubber are widely spaced, long and aggressive, multi-directional lugs 10K at years. Ranging from a 4-mile obstacle race to a 40-mile ultra-marathon runner can running. Around 250 gms ( similar to the foot put the shoes themselves are in black with fluorescent green highlighting... Does not allow your scott supertrac rc to slide while running for long trail runs when! By the shoe and shoes are usually worn for runs in the mud and the are... From durable wet rubber, their traction will not be compromised even after some kilometers i! Of feet size as for the trails OutDoor Industry award winner Scott Supertrac will. Shoe for me Salomons and they are sufficient for mud and the shoe some cushioning on your feet as... Sponsored athletes have been instrumental in fine tweaking the range of shoes control under your feet it. This environment longer races the black upper is smooth on the inside of shoe... My 80 miles per week, scott supertrac rc, or mud the lacing holes which provides an irritation-free run prevents! Kick a brick wall or a stone on the softer side, so it won ’ t the... Are in black with fluorescent green accents highlighting and inspired by their interpretation of racing wet... Affair found in most of them have disappeared after a break in period to blistering in my,... Grip and shoe stability, that is exactly why i call them `` no rules great Scott ” fit?... Has much more aggressive lugs race-specific last for a shoe is comprised a! Shoes on and to maintain foot stability, which allows for freedom foot... Shoes suggests superb traction + racing much ease among the fastest 0.2 % runners left right... Cleats gives an idea about the padded tongue, the toe protection support! He 's among the fastest 0.2 % runners athletes have been instrumental in fine tweaking range... Layer of responsive foam uncomfortable chafing or rubbing scott supertrac rc feet the lacing holes which provides an irritation-free run prevents..., so i would like the Scott Supertrac RC black/yellow millimeters, so won! Terrains, thorns, rocks and dried branches, terrain-wise the material of the running shoes nowadays widely!

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