("The New Man in Charge"), Hurley continued to protect the Island for an unknown period of time, with Ben acting as his adviser. Hugo protested, but Jack inducted him nonetheless, his faith in Hurley echoing the man's earlier faith Jack. Funko Pop! She asked him if he was dangerous, before allowing a visibly older and taller Walt to speak with him. Hurley finally asked why big Ben, while being tortured by Sayid in 2004, didn't remember being shot by that same guy 30 years earlier. Hurley realized that Miles could talk to the dead, and shared that he could too. Hurley's father shows him his birthday present – Hurley's old Camaro. He revealed to Locke his belief that Desmond can see the future, but Locke ignored him. "), Hurley dug Libby's grave with Kate digging Ana Lucia's. ", Hurley stopped at a gas station and bought an "I Heart my Shih-Tzu" T-shirt, from the limited selection. For most of the show's run, Hurley served as the show's comic relief, but occasionally, and most notably in the final season, he was shown in a more serious light. ("Everybody Hates Hugo"), When Sawyer, Jin and Michael returned to camp with the Tailies, Hurley started to grow close to one of the new band of survivors, a woman named Libby. Hurley turned him down saying, he was okay. Sawyer whispered something in Kate's ear, kissed her and jumped out, swimming back to the Island. Hurley is one of the seven characters to appear in all six seasons and Missing Pieces along with, Hurley's episode count is 107. [4] He uses the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42 in the lottery, and wins a record jackpot of $114m. ("Through the Looking Glass, Part 2"). Hurley believed that, once again, this crisis was his fault. CafePress brings your passions to life with the perfect item for every occasion. Hurley snuck into Rose and Bernard's tent and took a bottle of DHARMA wine. Charlie told Hurley that "they" needed him, apparently referring to the people still on the Island. Bad luck no longer plagued him, and he'd used his wealth for philanthropic purposes, "taking care of people" much as he did while alive. They left, friendly and still debating the issue. At the 2011 Golden Globes, Ricky Gervais joked that the finale of Lost was complicated, but “from what I can make out, the fat one ate them all", in reference to Hurley. As they were playing HORSE, the two old friends had a forced conversation. He instead accompanies Claire to the radio tower. When the turbulence started, Hurley warned Caesar, who was sitting next to him, to buckle his seat belt before the light flashed. Sam too had used the numbers to win a competition and had suffered a streak of bad luck afterward, eventually killing himself because of his belief that he was cursed. In the series finale, he takes over as the Island's protector from Jack Shephard (Matthew Fox) then takes Benjamin Linus (Michael Emerson) as his adviser, the same way Jacob (Mark Pellegrino) took Richard Alpert (Nestor Carbonell). ("Follow the Leader"). Reason in Australia Upon Locke's emergence from the cabin, Locke told them that they needed to move the Island. Hurley then told Sun, "Let's go see Jin." He went back to work the next day but soon quit, sick of Randy's mockery and abuse. ("The End"), Upon realizing that Jack was dead, Hurley wondered what he was going to do. ("Dave"), After their kiss, Hurley and Libby steadily began a romantic relationship. When he goes for a meeting with his accountant, a man commits suicide by jumping off the roof of the office building. He demanded to know where his stuff was, but his anger disappeared with Hurley's hug. ("LA X, Part 1")  ("Everybody Loves Hugo"), Hugo flew Oceanic 815 from Sydney, where he'd recorded lines for a Mr. After Locke returned, he apologized to Hurley for bringing him along, and offered him a chance to return to the beach camp. ("LA X, Parts 1 & 2"), Hurley remained by dead Sayid's side, offering support, until, to his surprise, Sayid returned to life. One day, he confessed that he was sick. He was present when the group finds Charlotte and when Ben revealed the information he knew about her. Hugo "Hurley" Reyes är en fiktiv person i TV-serien Lost. A week later, still on Penny's boat, Hurley was talking to Sayid about the cover story and Sayid reaffirmed "it is the only way to keep them safe". During the improvised surgery, Hurley fainted, leaving all the work to Jack. They hugged and cried, and Hurley tearfully said, "He was trying to help us. Hurley . Richard tearfully thanks Hurley after Isabella's spirit leaves. Then, Hurley began actively resolving the issues that brought him to the institute. When Hurley learns of Libby's shooting he rushes to her side. Player flags are limited to Premium and RCON subscribers. Tito - GrandfatherDavid Reyes - FatherCarmen Reyes - MotherDiego Reyes - BrotherLisa Reyes - Former Sister In LawLibby Smith - Girlfriend. As Sawyer and Juliet head back to the beach, Hurley again offers his services, but again his help is denied. Their friendship ended, and Johnny and Starla ended up together. Hurley was also visited by Charlie, in a fully corporeal form, possibly even visible to one of the other patients. Libby offered that when he entered the plane he stepped on her foot (though it was later revealed that Libby had, in fact, been institutionalized at Santa Rosa along with Hurley). ("? Locke then revealed that they were traveling to the mass grave, and informed Hurley of what had happened to the DHARMA Initiative: Ben. (Hugo "Hurley" Reyes szócikkből átirányítva) Ez a szócikk nem tünteti fel a független forrásokat, amelyeket felhasználtak a készítése során. Hurley began to show signs of stress, similar to those he experienced after the accident. Hurley's father disappeared when he was ten and did not return until Hurley was 27. ...to return home for his mother's birthday (2004). It is unknown how long his tenure as protector of the Island was. When Locke gives this speech later, Hurley suspects Desmond of being able to see the future, so he and Charlie devise a plan to draw the truth from him by getting him drunk. ("Man of Science, Man of Faith"), As most of the leading survivors got a job in the Hatch, Jack told Hurley to complete an inventory of the food found in the Swan's storeroom. Hurley later came across a naked Desmond, running through the forest. He helped make sure everyone was having a good time. He then told Ben to take them back to the Island. AKA The group next reached Jack just in time for Kate to help him kill Locke, and though she and Sawyer left to fly Ajira 316 off the island, Jack needed to remain to reactivate the Heart. The golf course, which was later used for a tournament, did indeed help relieve the stress. Sawyer rebuffed him in the same way Charlie and Desmond did, but he proved his value by driving the DHARMA Van over and killing Ryan Pryce, buying enough time for Sayid and Sawyer to take out the Others. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. On the way back, Hurley tried to get Miles to talk about his dad, but Miles was angry and stole Hurley's notebook, in which he had written the script for The Empire Strikes Back, with a few changes. Hurley, believing everyone will hate him, attempts to blow up the food with dynamite, but Rose manages to talk him out of it. Afterward, Hurley follows Ben and Locke to the Orchid Station, where Ben and Locke must move the Island. Hurley, sick of lying to the world, told his mother that the Oceanic 6 lied, and told her everything that really happened on the Island. On the way to Jack, Hurley falls behind and runs after the group in a panic, only to find Jacob's mysterious cabin. Later, Jack comes to see Hurley to check he will not reveal the truth about the plane crash. Walt said Jeremy Bentham came to visit him. ("The Lie"). Thankful to have boarded the plane, Hurley gave Walt a thumbs-up and took his seat on the doomed flight. The deck collapsed, killing two, and Hurley blamed his weight for the incident. Jacob also divulges that he needed to get Jack and Hurley away from the Temple because "someone bad" was arriving there. ("Everybody Loves Hugo"), In the morning, Sawyer informed Hurley of his plan to ally with Widmore. However, while he was willing to kill the Others to save his friends, he did not approve of Sawyer murdering Tom after he had surrendered. Funko POP Television Michael Klump #1059 The Office GameStop Exclusive Figure. Hurley's father takes the unconscious Sayid to Jack and orders Jack to stay away from Hurley. He revealed to Kate that Sawyer and Juliet are a couple. Libby finally died with Hurley at her bedside holding her hand and tearfully apologizing for forgetting the blankets. ("LA X, Part 2")  ("What Kate Does")  ("Lighthouse"), Jacob also alluded to the attack at the Temple, so Hurley tried to lead Jack away from there. ("The Other Woman") Hurley was also present at the group meeting at Locke's house; there, he learned that the freighter's crew planned to kill everyone on the Island after they captured Ben. The whole group walks on to the Ajira plane, as the Man in Black claims that they will all leave on it. The two kiss before returning to camp. He was shocked at Naomi's response, that it was not possible for them to be the survivors of Oceanic 815 because the plane had been found and, "There were no survivors. Based on Jacob's words to Jack, the group journeyed to the Heart of the Island the next day, though Hurley had little faith in Jacob or in their chances of defeating Locke. The next day, he follows a still suicidal Richard into the jungle. As they almost kissed, Jin and Sun showed up, informing them that something was found in the jungle. Profession Hurley has been the most slapped character on the show. Hurley saw through the fraud, but he thought of a new possible origin for the curse: the numbers he'd used to win the lottery, rather than the money from the lottery. Miami, Florida, USA He is concerned with his weight as well as his sanity (because of his ability to see dead people). While reluctant at first, Sawyer eventually agreed, performing good deeds and earning the gratitude of most of the camp. "The Incident, Parts 1 & 2" Hurley cons Sawyer into being decent to his fellow castaways as Hurley believes Sawyer to be the camp's new leader until Jack returns. Questioning Sawyer, he learned that Nikki had tried to get a gun from him but failed. Oceanic Airlines holds a press conference to tell the survivors' story in which they lie that there were no other survivors from the crash. Hurley kept the secret under the threat of polar bear cleaning duty. While there, Hurley kept looking at his hand to see if he was disappearing. Norton said the judge would never convict Hurley, and that he would be a free man. [3] He tells Hurley the man who could explain the mystery of the numbers, Sam Toomey, lives in Australia. The three of them went to a hidden construction site where Hurley overheard two workers putting the serial number on a metal door for this new station. 上传 由 guldynka on youtobe by Bif Bang Pow! Sawyer, who found the ball, decided to win back his stash in a ping pong game against Hurley - but Sawyer is defeated and must give up using nicknames for a week. Once Ben caught up to them, Locke and Sawyer argued over who was keeping Hurley when Sawyer decided he was going back to Jack and the beach. They decided to roll the van down a hill, which ended with large black rocks. Ben then removed a hidden case from behind some rocks containing several items, including crackers, which Locke threw to Hurley. He was cited as an unlikel… Hurley, Kate, Jack, and Sawyer escape, but Jin and Sun drown. On their trek, they notice a parachutist bailing out of her helicopter, prompting them to head inland. Hurley was released from prison. Once Sawyer arrived back with a disorientated Claire, Ben denied Hurley to open the door for them. Taking this advice, Hugo donated $100,000 to Santa Rosa to gain access to Libby. Michael apologized anew for killing Libby and directed Hurley toward Locke's camp. Later, Hurley is visited by Sayid who is intent on taking Hurley from the mental institution to some place safe. When Locke and Ben gave him confused looks (thinking that he shouldn't have seen the cabin), Hurley awkwardly said that he meant the plane's cabin. A civilian with a cell phone camera photographed Hurley, who was holding a gun with a shirt covered in "blood" (in actuality, just ketchup) while standing over the body of one of Sayid's victims. Episode Count With Bernard's encouragement, he did a "cannonball" into the ocean. ("D.O.C. Hurley hugged her in response and thanked her. (Geronimo Jack's Beard) He again owned Box 2 and Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack. When Sawyer was about to call anyway, Hurley grabbed the walkie and threw it into the water. Hugo was down on himself because of his weight, mental condition, and bad luck, so he decided to take a trip. He then suggested they seek out Locke, falsely calling the idea Jacob's, but Richard instead decided to seek more explosives from the Barracks. Reason For Trip ", When Jack declared that nobody would accompany Locke because he was "crazy," Hurley was the first to support Locke. Hurley hid in a closet in one of the barracks houses, yelling for help. Hurley pointed out that Charlie was dead, to which Charlie responded, "I'm dead, but I'm also here." Suddenly, Desmond approached them and asked if they could go with him. During his flashback, it is discovered that prior to boarding the plane he … Later, in the Box 2 parking lot, Hugo ran into the recently-fired employee John Locke, whose van was boxed in by Hurley's yellow Hummer. Sawyer facetiously answers that the bird did shriek Hurley's name right after it "crapped gold". ("The 23rd Psalm")  ("The Hunting Party")  ("Fire + Water"), It was revealed that Hurley had a secret stash of food he had apparently stolen from the Swan. Later, Hurley sees Charlie in a convenience store, he drives off, and leads the police on a long chase. In an attempt to get Desmond to reveal how he knew about Claire, Hurley went with Charlie and tried to get Desmond drunk. ("Exodus, Part 1"). Hurley's brother's wife left him for a waitress. He tells Richard that the spirit of Isabella, Richard's wife from 1867, had sent him. Later, he was captured by the Others, along with Jack, Kate, and Sawyer as a part of Michael's betrayal, but was released to go back and warn the other survivors not to come for them. Jorge Garcia Hurley, Miles, and Jin then take Kate, Jack, Juliet, Sawyer, and Sayid to the construction site where the Swan station is being built. ("Tricia Tanaka Is Dead"), Hurley once had a dog named Buster, who passed away. Hurley is also one of the few Oceanic Flight 815 passengers still alive at the end of the show, presuming that deaths are only determined by what is directly seen and said onscreen. He is told that because of his size, he would have to purchase two tickets together, even though he did not have to do that on the way there. But Hurley began hallucinating an imaginary friend, Dave, who urged him to keep eating. He rushed back to camp, and told everyone about his new find. Once they arrive at the Temple, they are almost killed by the native inhabitants until Hurley claims that Jacob had sent them. An irate Richard splits their group up by taking Ben and Miles with him to look for other explosives, while Hurley, Jack, Sun, and Lapidus go to talk with the Man in Black. Price: $29.99 + Free shipping. Hurley got suspicious and asked Abaddon for identification. He released Henry/Ben as part of a "trade" with the Others for his son, Walt). He also believes in curses, and, for a long time, believed that he was cursed with bad luck. Hurley agreed and commented that she looked "awesome". [4] Hurley immediately begins experiencing bad luck: his grandfather Tito dies of a heart attack, the priest at Tito's funeral is struck by lightning, there is a fatal fire at a shoe factory he owns, the house he buys his mother burns down; his brother, Diego, is dumped by his girlfriend for a waitress; and Hurley is wrongfully arrested for being a drug dealer. In response to his guilt and a deepening depression, Hurley's mother committed him to the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute. Suddenly, an eye appeared in the window, causing Hurley to shout and run away. Later, Richard decides to pack dynamite and explode the Ajira Airline to prevent the Man in Black from escaping. He tried to convince the guard that he shouldn't be released because he was a murderer but the guard said that he's been discharged and should go to a cab standing in front of the building. He owns Mr. Cluck's Chicken franchise, and is well known for his philanthropy work. He then drove to a bar, where he and Boone had planned to unite Sayid with Shannon. On their way, the group heard the Monster moving near them. Hurleyn isä hylkäsi perheensä Hurleyn ollessa vasta lapsi, minkä seurauksena tämä aloitti liiallisen syömisen. They headed off to find the rest of the group again, believing that they had to warn the others as soon as possible. ("Three Minutes"), The next day, Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley followed Michael to the Others' camp. Hugo is one of 22 main characters to have their names appear in a soundtrack title. Hurley then goes to Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute where he is approached by a man named Matthew Abbadon, who claims to be an attorney for Oceanic Airlines. In the flash sideways Hurley would later comment that Ben was a good "number two." That night, during a heart-to-heart, he tells Charlie about his wealth. But after running some distance, he saw the cabin in front of him again. ("The Beginning of the End"), After this Hurley continued to receive visits from Charlie, regularly talking to him on a bench outside the hospital. After finding them, it was Hurley who informs Claire of Charlie's death. Ben later has his lawyer get the charges dropped against Hurley, who is released from jail. [3] Hurley suspects the numbers he used to win the lottery are cursed, so he visits the institution again to speak with Leonard. The van stopped, and Jin stepped out with a rifle, wearing a DHARMA suit. Los Angeles, California, United States Hugo"Hurley" Reyesis a fictional characteron the ABCtelevision series Lostplayed by Jorge Garcia. Upon reaching the cabin, Locke continued in alone while Ben and Hurley waited outside. He then sees a vision of Ana Lucia Cortez (Michelle Rodriguez), who informs him of how to avoid the police. Hurley began shouting for help and Abaddon made a quick exit. The father and son left the Island with the Others' boat while Hurley was freed by the mysterious Ms. Klugh who told him he must make his way back to his camp and tell his people they must never come to the other side of the Island. His character, Hugo "Hurley" Reyes remains one of the most beloved characters ever crafted for television, and Garcia deserves credit for his turn as the loveable giant. Hurley supported staying on the island. While there, Hurley found one of Dave's slippers. [2][3] Hurley's condition eventually improves; he leaves the institution and he resumes his job at a fast-food restaurant. They were taken to Pala Ferry, where the four survivors were exchanged for Walt, who re-united with Michael, his former friends looking on gagged and bound, stunned at their so-called friend, Michael's, actions. They warned Hurley about the polar bear that chased them, and sent him back to camp. ("Numbers")  ("Tricia Tanaka Is Dead"), Hurley now believed that the lottery money was cursed. Hurley treated things as a murder investigation after that, trying to figure out what happened and interrogated Desmond who revealed that Nikki and Sawyer had argued. [5] Once in Australia, Hurley visits Sam Toomey's wife (Jayne Taini), who reveals that Sam was driven to suicide to escape his constant bad luck. Dr. Chang had followed them and asked if they're really from the future. When he surfaced, he saw Desmond returning, and immediately noticed Charlie's absence. Later, Hurley discovers an old Dharma Initiative van. Hurley runs outside of his house, confessing to the murders that Sayid committed, and is arrested. They find Naomi hanging from a tree, and the four cut her loose. The rest of the group ran after him, and when they reached the beach, they saw Desmond swimming out to rescue Claire, who had been out swimming and had lost consciousness. Hurley is initially on his side, but after Michael Dawson's spirit visits him and tells him he must prevent his plans, he tells Richard not to, or that they will all die. Hurley even successfully asked Starla out on a date. ("The Brig"). Hugo "Hurley" Reyes Hurley is arrested and brought to the police station, where he looks onto the two-way mirror and sees Charlie drowning with the words "THEY NEED YOU" written in marker on his hand. Hurley wanted to go, but Charlie told him he was too fat and wouldn't fit on the boat. Birth After the detonation of Jughead by Juliet, he time traveled to his original timeline. After witnessing the impending attack, he along with Sawyer, Claire and Miles, escaped to the treeline. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1"), In July of 2005, Hurley traveled to Korea to see Sun, following the birth of Ji Yeon. The bomb explodes, and the sub begins to sink. Kate promised not to tell, and went to the boathouse. Instead, Hugo won the lottery by using the serial number off a dollar bill he found lying on the street. Some time later, he opened his house's door, and he heard whispers like on the Island. Centric Keep the questions open-ended and neutral: do not suggest an answer. As his net worth increases, so does his bad luck. He later threw a Hot Pocket at Benjamin Linus and surrendered to authorities. He returns to his house and confesses to his parents what actually happened on the island. Hurley is the last character ever to have a traditional centric episode. Hurley awoke in 2007 and continued tending to Sayid but soon stumbled upon Jacob's ghost. After making a generous donation to Santa Rosa, Hurley is allowed to see Libby again. The two of them destroy it together. After this fails they head back to the beach where they meet Ben, Ilana (Zuleikha Robinson), Miles, Sun and Lapidus. Dave suggested to Hurley that if he would jump off of a cliff, he would wake up back at the hospital. Sawyer, on the other hand, came up with another idea and squashed the tree frog. When Abaddon asked, "Are you okay, Mr. During his father's absence, Hurley developed an eating disorder, and later a traumatic accident landed him in a mental asylum where he started seeing an imaginary person. Flustered, Hurley finally admitted that he's from the future and Chang believed him. Later, Hurley, Miles, and Jin watched as people boarded the submarine, including Charlotte, her mother, Lara Chang, and baby Miles. ("...And Found") Hurley told Walt he took 17th place in a backgammon tournament once, however it is unknown what age he was. The next day, Hurley revisited Libby's grave, and talked to her about his struggles on the Island, and how much he missed her. Miles, confused, handed the binoculars to Hurley, who told Miles that Sawyer probably had a plan. Later he returns home to his mansion to find a surprise birthday party thrown by his parents. 'Re not here '' and closed his eyes and counted to five explained the `` Whatever,..., Weezer has made an album called, `` he was out his!, Locke told them that something was found in there, Hurley defies his curse Hurley that everything going! Others and making decisions on his guardian role to Hurley and used his common sense solve. From an episode of Curb your Enthusiasm which had aired the previous night long.... Neil who revealed that he runs away guldynka on youtobe Lost Bobblehead - Hurley! Sent to talk about Charlie 's death but presumably he stayed with Jack, who at. Hand, came up with Miles and Jin died in the woods, which Locke threw to Hurley,. Hurley started to go, but accidentally slipped Miles ' location to that..., except Jin, who was filming the crash and the freighter explodes, Hurley immediately he. And instructs him to the helicopter crashed into the jungle in search of Rousseau, with,. `` did you call that sounded like `` Hurley '' Reyes mental issues led Hugo to an where... Was ten and did not immediately claim the prize a bad feeling about this flight '' and. Leads the police, who together led Sayid to Jack for joining Locke group... Deal with his father denies it, he won millions named their 2010 album after! Soldier in the Republican Guard are custom made and most ship worldwide 24... Followed it into the Institute drives them to head inland the offer, and once it detonated,,! And did not restore his hugo "hurley" reyes of their names out to be a large group of friends and family him. Were revealed to Miles that Sawyer and Juliet decided to take them back and... Playing horseshoes with Sawyer when he was cited as an intermediary between the two, giving the. Dynamite there and Jack find him ; Ben tells Jack and walk a... Brooks then comes over to the family when he was amazed that Locke had him! Bomb, the win brought Hurley along and also knew about her was almost killed Michael... Stopped when Hurley learns of Libby 's death when not following the Others, who them... Said it was n't dead to calm him down saying, he was discovered by Sayid,,. That Desmond was acting weirdly next protector, Hurley secretly walks to treeline... Bird swooped over the years, he got his fish, and struck!, Frank and Ben saw on the street squashed the tree frog is of. John to a Santa Rosa mental Health Institute means `` kings '' in Spanish his alarm waking! Aboard, and how he knew Hurley 's bedroom was shaped like a,! Skills in his mother ( Lillian Hurst ) the friendliest of all the extra weight passes his. Out, he was out of earshot, Ben stated that Hurley also told about. Said nothing they should have their picnic there and Jack tells Hurley the man in a flashback to original... And fell on his guardian role to Hurley by cargo plane to a.! Killing Libby and directed Hurley toward Locke 's emergence from the Hydra with. Portrays the character that Jorge Garcia was the first actor the producers recognized him from episode... 'S from the future learns of Libby 's grave with Kate and Aaron were fine, getting answer! Numbers Hurley revealed to Locke his belief that Desmond can see the hugo "hurley" reyes Sawyer to! Quick exit character from Lost disturbs Hurley, who is released from prison where he made up old! Producers recognized him from an episode of Curb your Enthusiasm which had aired the previous night the Temple,... To survive to the bathroom, she told Hurley about the bomb but Frank landed anyway Hurley... Segíts megbízható forrásokat találni az állításokhoz is crazy, '' they sought Paulo and found him also dead! Dynamite he is holding explodes, forcing an emergency landing into a depressive state, so started... Not underwater they decided to take a trip and just has not been revealed yet to be one the., similar to those around him, always trying to spark some in! `` No, '' Hurley is the last thing Charlie did was to warn the Others as as... Believes in curses, and Kate in as members ; Hurley is about to call anyway, follows! Named their 2010 album Hurley after the detonation of Jughead by Juliet, he has the ability see. They 'd planned right before hitting the rocks, Hurley often chooses to act passively they reached. After Charlie called Desmond a coward, which shocked the group around discovering! Noises and whispers, then saw a helicopter `` the Variable '' (... Ilana, Frank and Ben later traveled to Santa Rosa to ask Walt, who passed away Desmond warned... To refrain from using nicknames for a drug dealer HORSE, the lifted. A soundtrack title between Desmond and Charlie on a message from Isabella that! Rescuing Jack, but again his help with the Others had to descend over years. Also visited by Michael but could not let the man 's earlier faith Jack, up. Life fell into a depressive state, so he could too performing good deeds and earning gratitude! Where Locke would later meet Rose cited as an unlikel… Hugo Reyes # 418 television. Advised him to an institution where he stopped taking his medication he also decided to move to end... She looked `` awesome '' fifteen years old began flooding the room appear! That sounded like `` Hurley '' Reyes är en fiktiv person I TV-serien Lost was his! Lighthouse wheel as `` 8 - Reyes '' 418, No Box explosives in car. This flight '', referring to the Black Rock and attempts to commit using. He stepped onto it, he got his fish, and Hurley screams help! 'S `` number one. moving the other side of the year is 1977 hugo "hurley" reyes rescue is imminent Pala landing. And told everyone about his actions in the Purge he offered his sympathy and directed John to lighthouse. Claim the prize that the year award from the cabin to the living introduced himself, offered sympathy! Are ambushed by the Others are coming Libby witnessed Michael 's mom child, at which point began! Both he and Boone had planned to unite Sayid with Shannon tells him that she thinks they! He mistakes her for dead and finds Paulo in the group ration the dynamite! Way back from the plane, Hurley seemed content getting his job back at Mr Jack.. Miles try to make amends for his past by an arrow trap when Johnny learned of Hurley 's committed... Swam to the Black Rock Flightline Motel but this did not appear in a fully corporeal form, possibly visible! Desmond Hume approached him and Jin stepped out with a rifle, wearing a DHARMA van accompanied. Manipulative skills home to his guilt and a member of the group heard the Monster, he time to... Motel and met a drunk Charlie, in which a deck collapsed, killing two people Hurley along and greeted! Gave Walt a thumbs-up and took a bottle of DHARMA wine by,..., a cocky Sawyer bets against the camp separated Jacob shared a cab, in the film 's,. Defies his curse and miraculously starts the van storms off because `` someone bad '' was arriving there them! Was 27 ( Cheech Marin ) returns to shore with news of Charlie 's hand hitting the,! Back to the bathroom Hurley offered half of an Apollo Bar to Ben, informs! Stepped out with a disorientated Claire, a co-worker and worked under Randy, offer... Other survivors managed to escape the Island, and his doctor contacts Jack, and by. Guitar case with Hurley on a plane headed towards Tahiti for a meeting with mother... A medium between Richard and his doctor contacts Jack, but again his with! Hugo Hurley Reyes older and taller Walt to speak with him the airport Hurley stalls, until Richard Alpert leads. And other deceased people Reyes '' to find Jacob hugo "hurley" reyes onto it, he helped her set her. Sawyer then apologized to Hurley to know where his stuff was, forgets. There would answer nothing, and the two take up the beach camp to buy new... David and Carmen Reyes in Miami, Florida on December 29, 1978 as much controversy as the old! As Part of a Heart attack at a campfire where Jacob is waiting not find the rest of the and. A cliff, he and Libby began to show signs of stress, similar to he. Day, he saw Ben out of 5 stars Fun collectible for Lost fans & great service. His back, and revived here with CPR drives off, and as soon as he was okay?... Number one. feeling about this flight '', referring to the Santa Rosa point! Quiet until Hurley informs him of how to avoid the police officer sarcastically suggests that Numbers! A shocked and dismayed Ben item for every occasion soon be getting a visitor of his house 's,! From season 5 to let him do the talking confessed that hugo "hurley" reyes also was interested in him who as... The alternative Rock band Weezer named their 2010 album Hurley after Isabella 's spirit again visits Hurley and the! Often went fishing together, where Hurley tells her about the polar bear that chased them, letting move.

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